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I have a lip picking disorder, I've made this blog to assure people that they are not alone.
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New year

Is anyone else’s new year resolution to stop picking?
I’m going to try and cut down not sure if I can’t stop though?

ailsments asked: I think for me Vaseline and stuff makes picking worse long term. I'm more likely to do it when they're at the stage of being a little bit chapped, so after heavy picking, if I put lip balm on them it tends to just make it easier for me to pick and it's a horrible cycle. What I need to do is break past the "nice picking stage" and have constantly moist lips. I do think balm helps initially when it's really wet though because it's hard to actually pick, but it dries so quickly.


Vaseline defiantly does not make it harder for me to pick, it make my lips softer and easier to pick like to say but what I try to do is when I get an urge to pick I just put a lip balm on. For me picking my lips is not all about the picking, thought out the day I am just touching my lip, sounds weird but I rub my pen on them and my hands are always on them so applying lip balm sort of helps.

When I get an urge I try to delay it. So keeping a tin of lip balm on you at all times and applying it when you want to pick kinda helps me

Dear dairy?

I’ve been thinking about starting a sort or derma diary maybe day to day or once a week? Explaining what I’m finding helps me and what doesn’t and how I get through picking In public for example?
Yes or no:)?


Dermatillomania - Compulsive Skin Picking Disorder

Thank you for watching.

Does nothing work?

Every thing people tell me to do to stop picking my lips never works.
1.) Wear Vaseline.
It just make it easier for me to pick.
2.) Wear lipstick.
I really don’t care if I ruin my lipstick my picking.
3.) Paint your nails with nail varnish.
When I wear nail varnish I get little dents in the polish from where my nails pinch together to get at my skin (skin pickers will understand.).
4.) Write down times when you pick then you will come to the realisation that it’s a problem.
Writing times makes me more aware I pick which makes me pick more.
5.) ‘Don’t do it, it’s just a silly habit’
Silly habit, ha

Physical Grounding Exercises →


- Run cool or warm water over your hands

- Grab tightly onto your chair as hard as you can

- Touch various objects around you: a pen, keys, your clothing, the wall…

- Dig your heels into the floor- literally “grounding” them. Notice the tension centered in your heels…

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I used to beat myself up a lot just because I had urges to pick. Or because I thought I was a monster for ruining my own skin. But just because you have an urge or are thinking about picking, it doesn’t mean you act on it. Urges can just come and go. (via diaryofaskinpicker)

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Urges Are Not Actions.
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